International experience


Before you leave:

  • Make sure that you have permission from the host university and from the TC department.
  • Confirm your visa, health insurance and repatriation.
  • Choose a friend who will be your contact person to help with any problems in France.

When you arrive:

  • Contact IR services to get your password to access the Manest app and manage your exchange year.
  • Fill out your information sheet in Manest
  • Finalise your study contract with the IR Manager as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you follow up on emails from the department.

Before you return:

  • Take any required resits on site.
  • Contact all your teachers to make sure you will receive a grade.
  • If you completed a project, make sure that you have the requested proof of project.
  • Make sure to provide your contact information in France and for the TC department.
  • Inform the IR department of your return date.

When you return:

  • Fill out the evaluation sheet for your stay.
  • Make sure that the IR department has received all documents concerning your exchange before the end-of-year session of the examination board.