DEPARTEMENT Telecommunications, Services & Uses

Welcome to the department of Telecommunications, Services and Uses

The Telecommunications department has been in existence of for 20 years, with year groups of 90 student engineers, of which about 20 are apprentices. We train the future engineers of the digital transformation. After connecting computers and humans, objects, buildings, cities and soon robots will all be part of a globally connected planet. This technological revolution will face very complex constraints: controlling energy consumption, ensuring data integrity and privacy, facilitating access neutrality and contributing to making the world of the future more pleasant to live in. To prepare our students for this innovative environment, the Telecommunications department trains its engineers in fundamental scientific, technical and human knowledge in four complementary fields: Transmission technologies, Networks, IT and Humanities.

Close to half of the credits are obtained through internships and group projects. Teaching is locally based and uses projects, current topics and emerging technologies. Students can get in-depth knowledge of technological aspects to become experts, or increase their management, dialogue and negotiation capacities to begin careers in telecommunications.