Curriculum details


The curriculum is organised over a three-year period, with the following objectives:

  • The purpose of the 3rd year is to provide the future engineers with all the basic knowledge related to the four areas that make up the foundation of Telecommunications, Services and Uses. These areas are: IT, Networks, Telecommunications and Humanities. After this year, students must be able to understand the function and use of technologies and media for telecommunications and IT. Every technical field offers the possibility of a project to practise the skills related to the field.
  • The objective of the 4th year is to fine tune the technology knowledge acquired in the 3rd and focus on putting it into action. Students will thus be required to participate in various projects oriented towards professions and transversality, integrating all the technical and human fields of training. At the end of this year, students must be able to design communications systems architectures, applications and services.
  • 5th year: Integrating telecommunications into company strategy and identifying technical, economic and organisational challenges. Select a specialised subject and complete an advanced, innovative, technologically successful and scientifically relevant group project.

A significant portion of these three years (25%) is used for learning languages, human sciences and engineering methods (such as project management) and for getting familiar with company aspects (management, marketing and administration).

▪️ ​For more details, you can consult the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).