International experience

Double degree

Our students can also register for an international double degree programme with our partner universities. This gives them the opportunity to obtain, in addition to their INSA degree, a master’s degree from the partner university.

Here are the double degrees signed specifically with the department:

Double degree with Turin (Italy)

For this programme, participating students are selected at the end of the 1st year from the preparatory level (FIMI). Students take the 2nd year course at Politecnico de Turin, then come back to INSA for their 3rd year. After this 3rd year, the students obtain the bachelor’s degree from Politecnico.

An extension of this agreement is being discussed in order to offer a master’s-level double degree with the partner.

Double degrees with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Beijing Jiao Tong University (BJTU) in China.

The department has maintained a strong cooperation with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University for several years now. To obtain the SJTU master’s, students leave to take the master’s course in Shanghai in 5th year (after approval from the board). Students will have one semester of classes, one semester divided between classes and the research project, and one semester to finalise the research project with a master’s thesis defence. They will then do their engineering internship lasting 6 months. This programme therefore prolongs the duration of studies by one year. Students have the possibility of going on to do a PhD double degree.


There are a number of agreements in place with INSA Lyon, and therefore accessible to all our students in all departments. Several other double degrees are open to students from the TC department, for example with Tohoku University (Japan), Ecole Polytechnique Montréal (Canada), Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities (Romania), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (USA), Escuela Militar de Ingenieria de La Paz (Bolivia), Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico), Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho" and Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil).