The Telecommunications department was created in 1998 to respond to the enormous growth in telecommunications. With a strong “services and uses” orientation, it covers the fields of Company networks, Voice/Data/Image communication systems and Tools for mobility.

INSA Telecom engineers are “assemblers” also equipped with the skills to develop, implement and administrate telecommunications systems. Our engineers are able to analyse and synthesise information, integrate solutions or existing components responding to an overall need expressed by a user, and design dedicated solutions. They have learnt to develop and maintain a forward-looking vision in a constantly evolving field.

Our curriculum is designed to equip engineers with solid interpersonal skills. They know how to take an international dimension into account, as well as the legal and financial aspects and organisational methods of their projects.

They will be required to develop and maintain a forward-looking vision in a field that evolves extremely quickly. This ability will enable them to distinguish heavy trends and sustainable technologies from fads and emerging technologies.

The teaching methods and content enable students to develop:

  • A “service” culture to better understand the intangible nature of the Telecommunications Services that will develop in the years to come ·
  • A “client culture enabling INSA engineers to become strongly involved in a permanent customer-supplier relationship.