We build a tailor-made partnership with each company that corresponds to its specific objectives and challenges: visibility or recruitment actions (internship offers, forums, conferences, workshops, etc.), participation in academic and educational projects and exchanges between partner companies. 

In addition to company internships, the department maintains numerous relationships with a large number of companies to ensure that our training is firmly anchored in the business world. We make sure that all stakeholders are represented among our partners: manufacturers, operators, service providers and users.

Business professionals make up more than 10% of in-person hours in our curriculum, including 50% in final year. They participate in presentations for long internships but also presentations for network calls to tender and innovation projects in 5th year.

Some partner companies prefer to make a long-term (three-year) commitment to sponsor a class and build a close relationship with the department and the students.

Others choose to be members of the partners club, which is a one-year renewable commitment and enables the company to come and present its jobs, host a conference, participate in the course, participate in recruitment forums, etc.  

And others simply wish to participate in the recruitment forum.

A partnership charter lays out all the services made available to partners.

For further information, please contact the department director : M. Stéphane Frenot -