Apprenticeship programme

Who is this training for?

This training is for IUT students (RT, IF, GE, MP), CPGE (higher school preparatory classes) students and undergraduates.

  • Admissibility phase: April/May Selection based on academic record + tests + interviews (commission composed of at least one teacher and one industrial representative).
  • Prospecting phase: May/June Candidate search for a host company, with support from the department.
  • NB: candidates can of course begin their host company search before the admissibility phase
  • Admission: late July, early June Admission is final.
  • Classes begin: September

A minimum of 8 weeks’ international mobility is required in the curriculum to obtain the degree. This can be an internship abroad or a one-semester academic exchange with one of the 200 INSA partner universities.

NB: candidates also interested in the classical Telecom programme (no apprenticeship) must send in a second application on this website:


  • About apprenticeship status:
  • INSA Group brochure – Engineering apprentice and much more – 2021