Projects are an integral part of the TC curriculum. Projects are periods where students work in groups, big or small, over long or short periods of time and on subjects that are more or less open-ended. Projects varying in size, type and scale are offered to students during all three years of study.

3TC projects 

  • Telecom Culture and Communication (CTC) is a general-knowledge subject in the field of Telecommunications. Groups of students write press reviews on current topics. These press reviews are made available to our industrial partners. The subject takes place throughout the year.
  • For the Web Projects (PWEB), students form groups an create a recent web architecture site. They have to manage a project on a collaborative coding platform and implement advanced Web technologies.
  • Introduction-to-research projects (PTIR) help all our students to do bibliographical research summaries in thematic groups. Students work on these projects independently over a large number of hours during the second semester (150 student hrs)

4TC projects

  • Communications systems projects (PSC) help our students to build a complete transmitter/receiver chain, similar to how current 4G systems operate.
  • Network and system programming projects (PRS) require students to develop a software architecture pour data transport, similar to what is currently possible with Internet transport. 
  • The subject Responsible entrepreneurial management (Gesper) teaches students about the strategic function of any organisation in terms of value, market, users, governance, legal forms, and economic and financial model. The theme of social responsibility (DDRS) is specifically addressed.
  • For Tender projects (PAO), the student group represents a company and responds to a call for tender based on a real set of specifications for telecommunications systems.

5TC project

  •  Lean Startup Innovation Projects (PILS): The aim of these projects is to enable students from the Telecommunications department to create, manage and present a project completed during the first semester of the 5th year. Innovation projects are entirely run by the project team who defines the initial objective and turns it into a coherent offer presented at the end, based on Lean Startup methodology. 

In short, projects become a part of the telecommunications course from the 3rd year. This approach covers group project resolution for technical and scientific aspects (CTC, PWEB, PTIR, PSC, PRS), as well as for implementing complex entrepreneurial and responsible value chains (Gesper, PAO, PILS).