International experience

Participate in academic exchange

We have voluntarily included a mandatory stay abroad in the study regulations. Like anything mandatory, this stay abroad can seem restrictive to some, but it will be an enriching experience for everyone and an additional asset when entering the professional field.

This stay abroad must be an integral part of your individual training project. As shown in the diagram below, the Telecommunications, Services & Uses department curriculum allows for flexibility in organising your stay, as long as you complete a minimum of 2 internships or 1 academic exchange semester abroad.

To assist you with this, INSA has set up a structure completely dedicated to international affairs (DRI) and the department has its own international relations office.

INSA has special agreements with over 200 universities all over the world. More than 250 students are thus able to participate each year in an exchange programme under excellent conditions, most benefiting from scholarships (Socrates, Région, INSA).

A stay abroad needs to be prepared in advance, starting about one year before departure:

  • for internships, students need to prepare cover letters and CVs in the language of the country, acquire contact information for target companies and make contact with them, etc.
  • for academic trips, students must prepare an important administrative file, browse foreign university programmes, stick to the official calendar, and keep busy while waiting for university acceptance, scholarships, etc.

In all cases, students must be motivated, organised, prepared and patient. The starting point for your international project is INSA International Day.

All contact must be made via (classical programme) or (apprenticeship programme)

  • Izabel Karabedian (3-4TC)
  • Stéphanie Zéoli (5TC)
  • Oana Iova
  • Department international relations secretary (RRI)
  • Tel.: +33 472 436 085 Fax: +33 472 437 952    
  • Department international relations manager (RRI)
  • Tel.: +33 472 436 485   Fax: +33 472 436 227

One year before your departure date, at its February session, the department board will give their decision concerning your departure. The board will give its final authorisation for departure at its July session.