Students of the department of Telecommunications Services & Uses at INSA Lyon contribute to companies via internships.

  4TC internship 5TC internship
Location France and abroad France and abroad
From 1 April 1 February
To 15 July 30 June
Duration >14 weeks 20 to 24 weeks
Year 4 years of higher education 5 years of higher education

4TC internship: students at the end of the second year of the engineering course (4 years of higher education)

At this stage, students have covered the foundation of training, as well as project management classes and are capable of conducting a study project using complex information technologies, since they will have already participated in more than 4 projects.

Students show good general knowledge of the telecommunications field and have professional working proficiency in English.

They are in search of their first engineering internship of at least 14 weeks, where they can use the skills they acquired during training.

5TC internship: students at the end of the third and final year of the engineering course (5 years of higher education)

Students finish the curriculum with this 5TC internship which will enable them to prepare for their future profession. Internship-to-hire or introductory internship in a sector. This internship must enable the student to place themselves on the telecommunications market in every sense (networks and services, communications systems, IT, security, IoT, etc.) The minimum duration of the internship – set at 20 weeks – in addition to the student’s knowledge, offer the possibility of creating a solid project.