International experience

Education abroad

Initial study contract

It is established in France before departure and validated by the IR Manager.

Definitive study contract

After arrival, students must ensure that they can continue the entire initial contract. If there is a problem (course availability, overlap, etc.), students can contact the IR Manager for help adjusting their study contract to better meet the educational objectives set at INSA. This final contract is validated by the IR Manager. Exceptionally, if the study contract deviates too much from the programme planned by the department, the examination board can decide whether a remedial course is necessary and in what format. This being strictly exceptional, we will seek a compromise in particular by introducing a project/projects.

Validation of the exchange

The examination board of the Telecommunications Services & Uses department is sovereign. During its September session at the latest, the board reviews all the results from exchange students. As for the other students who remained in France, the board decides on the need for remedial courses, which students move on to the next year, repeat the year, or are excluded.
Students with a technical project abroad (all 5TC students and 4TC students leaving in the second semester) must submit a project report (40 pages max.) along with an official certificate from their project manager mentioning the title of the project, the number of people involved, time spent on the project and an evaluation of their work on the project. Without this, the project cannot be validated.

Language levels

Remember that to obtain your degree you must have validated level 2 in a foreign language other than English, or have two level 1 validations in two foreign languages other than English. In order to achieve this, please enrol in language courses at your host university. This also applies to English, for which a TOEIC score of 760 must be achieved to obtain the degree.