Apprenticeship programme

Apprenticeship programme

Since 2013, the department of Telecommunications, Services & Uses has offered a three-year apprenticeship programme for 18 apprentices.


The Telecommunications department trains engineers in the fields of architecture, networks and communications systems, applications and associated services.

Our engineers are able to innovate, design and imagine solutions and they can also launch, implement, manage, maintain and improve them. They are open to working internationally, with strong team spirit and a taste for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Across all professions, our engineers are able to mobilise the right resources – technological, human and financial – while taking into account socio-economic, ecological, technological, regulatory and legal contexts.

The degree

The engineering degree in Telecommunications from INSA Lyon can be obtained by following the classical programme or the apprenticeship programme.

Training is general and focused on four fields:

  • Communications systems: digital communications – radiocom – signal processing and architectures – voice and image data, etc.
  • Networks: architectures, protocols, services for all types of networks: companies, operators, landlines, mobiles, LAN, MAN, WAN, BAN, etc.
  • Mobile and distributed information technology: systems, languages, software engineering, and applications.
  • Humanities and companies: languages – sports – communications – project management – finance – quality – HR

All the modules are listed on the INSA Lyon website:

List of partner companies for the apprenticeship programme

AI3, Ambition Telecom & Reseaux, Alliance-Reseaux, Alstom, Bouygues Telecom, Cap Gemini, Cie Du Mont Blanc, Econocom, EDF, G-Partner, Fingerprint Technologies, INRIA, Ipline, Korben Gpe Beaumanoir, Orange, Volvo, SII, Solutec, SNCF, SPIE ICS, SFR Business and Worldline.