Placement for graduates

Since the department was created, all graduates who wish to do so have found jobs directly related to their area of training.

40% are hired before leaving INSA and 70% find jobs no later than two months after graduating. Over 50% of graduates have a yearly gross salary of more than €35,000 (excluding benefits).

Our graduates are hired in a number of sectors, including:

  • Operators and access providers
  • Telecom and Network integrators
  • Telecom and Network constructors and equipment suppliers
  • Software publishers
  • Services and consulting firms
  • Major companies with internal IT business (transport, energy, finance, media, health, etc.)
  • Public sector
  • R&D centres

Professions regularly practised by our graduates include:

  • Network architect, Radio engineer, Telecom rollout engineer
  • Security engineer, Telecom project manager
  • Development engineer, Application engineer
  • Study engineer, R&D engineer
  • IT consultant
  • Pre-sales engineer, Technical sales engineer,
  • Business engineer